>Kung Fun Battle Of The Soul


In the shadows of the legendary Chinese Shaolin temple, the master of kung fu is teaching his students to confront the changing world through martial arts.The school of kung fu for teenagers is located in Dengfeng, and there are around 60 marital art schools which are attended by vast number of 50000 people, mostly non native Chinese. Here you can have a peek at the training and maybe decide taking up kung fu as a past time. Enjoy!
kung fu training01
Teenagers in martial arts school TAGO Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng spend twenty-minute workout for the arms and legs in order to raise morale.
kung fu training02
It is hardly possible that TAGO students will beat someone with sticks after the training is over, in their adult lives. But the discipline and character qualities that they develop during these exercises will help them achieve a lot in life.
kung fu training03
kung fu training04
kung fu training05
Hands stand for five minutes – one of the most difficult tasks for beginners.
kung fu training06
kung fu training07
kung fu training08
kung fu training09
kung fu training10
kung fu training11
kung fu training12
kung fu training13
kung fu training14
kung fu training15
Buddhist monk Shih Dedzyan and researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, using an oscilloscope to monitor his brain activity during meditation.
kung fu training16
kung fu training17
kung fu training18

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